Vibrational Healing

We are all vibrational beings and our bodies each have their own unique frequency.  The circumstances of life and it's traumas can become stuck in the body.  In order to fully move forward with transformation we must release these things from the body. 

Individual Sessions

Ta'mus believes that changing your energetic vibration is the key to changing your body and your life.   His primary intention in the session is to allow the vibrational alignment and heart coherence.  In Coherence Healing,  Ta'mus creates an individual experience with a variety of tools, from Tibetan and crystal bowls; gongs; bells, light and vision.  Individual sessions are 60 minutes -  $120

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Crystal Light Therapy

Our John or God Light Therapy is a powerful healing treatment that balances mind, body and spirit.  This therapy aligns the chakras and bathes the body in healing light vibrations.  Light therapy can be used by itself or in combination with a sound therapy session. 


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Everyday Miracles offers a variety of classes to help our clients increase awareness of complementary or alternative methods of healing. We are continually adding new classes and look forward to seeing at one soon!


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