Becoming your best Self

Who are you becoming?  Are you becoming the best version of yourself or are you becoming stagnant?    I’m Susan Duprat and I am taking a journey into becoming my best self.  I'd like to invite you to come along with me each week as we talk about the journey and how to live into it. 

Each us of has our own unique journey that we are on.  We were given personalities, gifts, talents and the circumstances of our lives that have shaped us into who we are right now.  We didn’t always choose these circumstances but we can always choose to learn from them.  The circumstances of our lives were sent to teach us about who we are and more importantly to shape us into who we will become.  The truth of our existence is that we are in a constant state of becoming.  You are different every day.  You are always either becoming what you choose or allowing your circumstances to push you to become something by default.  Think about it.  Everything in life is growing and changing.  When we look at our health, we realize that we are either becoming stronger or we are becoming weaker.  We’re becoming thinner or fatter.  We’re becoming smarter or brain cells are dying.  When we look at our lives we realize that the same is true in our relationships.  We can choose to become kinder or we can become indifferent.  We can choose to be more intimate or push people away.  When we look at our career, we are either becoming more accomplished or successful or we are becoming stagnant.  One way or another you are becoming something new every day.  Facts and circumstances change around you and you change too.  It is up to choose the direction that you want to grow.  Like a plant that reaches for the sun, we want to reach for the best version of ourselves that we can be.  We want to become more than a reaction to our circumstances.  We want to decide how we will respond.  Every week I will be unlocking more ideas and tools about how we choose what we will become.  In all of life you have circumstances that you like and circumstances that you’re not fond of.  Our challenge will be to keep our focus off the challenge and on who we are becoming in the process. 

The word, become,  has its root in the word Be.  This small word has big meaning.  The word  “be” means to exist.  Shakespeare asked the question. “To be or not to be.”   I would ask you,  what do you I want to be? You are currently be-ing or existing as a certain personality surrounded by a set of circumstances that you call “your life”.   For many of us our life has started to define us.  Our body calls to us to eat certain foods and out of habit we do.  Our spouse or family expects us to behave a certain way so we do.  Our boss pushes the same buttons and gets the same response from us day after day.  We trudge through this existence allowing our circumstances to shape and mold us and live our own life by default.  This level of existence feels like a trap and inspires questions like “to be or not to be”.   What if instead we began to ask the question, “What would I love?”   What would I love my life to look like?  What would I love to do?  What would I love to see?  What would I love to give?  What would I love to be?  What would I love my existence to bring to the world?  Isn’t that a better question to live from? 

 When we ask the question, what would I love, we are tapping into a bigger part of our self.  We are listening as our very nature calls us to be more.  Anthony Robbins puts it this way,  “life is a gift and if offers us the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”   We have been given the exquisite gift of this life for a reason.  The reason for each of us is different in some ways and similar in others.  It is similar in the fact that we all came here to give our gifts, to learn and to love.  These basic components are true for all of us.  We become something more though when we exercise the privilege we’ve been given to live into our individual gifts, to grow our talents and to share our strengths with others.  You have talents and abilities that no one else has.  You were given a passion for certain things to help you to find those talents.  What you bring forth from those gifts, talents and inspirations depends completely on you.  Connecting with the things that make you uniquely you is the first step to becoming more.  Along the way we are continually going to ask ourselves, what would I love?  On this journey you are becoming a bigger version of you.  We all have dreams that we would like to accomplish.  We all have hope of a better future.  You will never arrive at this destination as the person you are today.  In order to fulfill those dreams , you must become the person in the vision. 

Work with the questions this week, What would I love?  Start to get clear on who you are and who you are becoming. 

Next week we will look at the steps of creation and how to apply them to who you are becoming. 



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