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Last week we worked with the question of "What would I love?"  What did you notice about yourself as you did this exercise?  Did it take a little work to identify?  Did you turn up some longing and discontent?  Today I'm going to outline the Grow miracles tools for you to use on your journey. This system is outlined in  the letters G.R.O.W.  These are your first tools for transformation.

Step One - G stand for "Get clear".  Get clear on where you want to go.  Create a clear vision of the life you would love to live.  What is your vision of who you are becoming?  What goals do you want to achieve?  What plans need to be re-vamped?  Who you will become on the journey very much depends on the destination that you set out for.  When we get clear on our destination we are no longer living by default to our circumstances.  Now we stepping into the role of creator and we can choose to do, to have and to become anything we want.  We leave behind the mundane and reach for something bigger.  What would a life you would love look like?  The clearer you get on where you want to go, the easier it is to get there.   Paint a clear picture in your mind.  This is the destination on your map.  We want to create a vision that is expansive and bigger than we have ever imagined before.  If this vision is big enough it will lead us into new situations, help us to grow new skills and cause us to become our best self.  As you create your vision, you aren’t looking for “how” you are going to do it.   Just as when you start planning a journey, you don’t necessarily know “how” you will get there.  You pick the destination first, before you start making the travel plan.  So, don’t edit your vision with what you think you can do or what you know how to do.  Make your destination a place you would love.

Step #2  R is for Rehearse -  That’s right we want to practice, practice, practice our new self image.  We want to visualize ourself in the destination so often that it begins to feel like home.  You should be able to see what you would wear, where you would live, who would be with you and how you would feel.  Visualizing the end of journey and the celebration that arises when you get there, helps you to become the person in your picture.  Notice the qualities that this person exudes gratitude, persistence, patience, joy and emulate those every day.  You are becoming this person through practice, practice, practice. 

Step #3 – O is for Observe.   In any journey, you must know where you are in order for the gps to tell you how to get there.  The same is true for us.  We must first be able to observe where we are in life by noticing our thoughts, fears, feelings, paradigms.  Only through this process of discovery can we decide to change from the inside out and become the person we want to be. 

Step #4 -  W is for Work.  Work it!  Every journey takes work.  Whether you are hiking, driving, sailing or flying, there is work involved in getting to the destination.  The same is true when you are becoming the person in your vision.  Every action step that you take teaches you something and moves you closer to your destination.  Tony Robbins says, “Take massive action.”  It shouldn’t be something that we just do occasionally, it should be frequent and targeted at the things we would like to change.  Use your observer skill to determine what you want to change and then take action on it.  It’s a beginning.  it’s the first baby step on the journey.  And if you continue to do that every day, you will find you are in a different starting place each day. 

You start each day with,  What could I do today?   Each day you are moving a bit closer to be-ing the person who is living the life you love.  You don’t have to know how you are going to get there, you are going to become it. 

This week take some time to think about the things that you would like to change.  Next week we will begin working through the process of getting clear. 

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