Ready to plant dreams and grow miracles?

Last week we worked with the question of "What would I love?"  What did you notice about yourself as you did this exercise?  Did it take a little work to identify?  Did you turn up some longing and discontent?  Today I'm going to outline the Grow miracles tools for you to use on your journey. This system is outlined in  the letters G.R.O.W.  These are your first tools for transformation.

Step One - G stand for "Get clear".  Get clear on where you want to go.  Create a clear vision of the life you would love to live.  What is your vision of who you are becoming?  What goals do you want to achieve?  What plans need to be re-vamped?  Who you will become on the journey very much depends on the destination that you set out for.  When we get clear on our destination we are no longer living by default to our circumstances.  Now we stepping into the role of creator and we can choose to do, to have and to become anything...

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